Welcome to our world of education!
The education and training offered at King Hintsa FET College is customized and responsive to the needs of learners and industry and the careers we encourage are essential to the economic uplifting of the south African economy.
As a King Hintsa FET College student, you will gain integrated theoretical and practical experience , exposure to your chosen industry as well as meaningful qualification as part of affordable education to which every South African citizen has a right. This is true not only if your are just starting your career focused education, but also if you are an adult of (any age).
King Hintsa FET College strives to provide high-quality education and training to help you equip your self with the qualifications and skills you need to start on a chosen path. You will gain invaluable life skills to start on a chosen career path.
King Hintsa FET College is offering exciting, modern and relevant programmes of study. These vocational programmes are the 14 high skills, high quality and high knowledge programmes being introduced at King Hintsa FET College. These programmes are intended to directly respond to the priority skills demand of the country.

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