The Principals Office


I wish to extend a warm welcome back to work for the New Year. I hope that you all had a good break, and are ready for another very productive, significant and challenging year.

Let me also convey my sincere thanks to all of you for 2016.

As we reflect on the past year, I believe that we have many reasons to be satisfied with our accomplishments despite the challenges that the College experienced in 2016 which was very disturbing as it compromised Teaching & Learning. You stand tall and focused. I must also applaud all those who dedicated time and sacrificed their families trying to catch up the lost time. The examinations were conducted smoothly through your dedication working beyond working hours and that has limited the complaints during this said period.


This year marks the beginning of the second half of our Strategic Plan 2014-2019 implementation. Thus far, we have made good progress on our exciting journey to transform our College. I am confident that with some additional efforts, innovation and drive, we should be able to celebrate the College’s 15th anniversary in 2018 with a sense of achievement and pride. King Hintsa has a good potential, expertise and required skills, we need just to coordinate the pockets of success for the development of the College.

This year, we will continue to strengthen our Academic section. Quality will remain a key focus of the College, as we aim for more recognition for our programmes and courses. As employees of the College we need to collectively assess the programmes we offer if they are relevant to the labour market, and whether we are not increasing the number of unemployed. That would position the College to be a relevant institution in the local municipalities of Mbhashe and Mnquma, in the Amathole District Municipality, Eastern Cape Province and the entire country.

Remember King Hintsa TVET College is the only College from Kei Bridge, to Tsomo River and Mbhashe River, that solely gives the College an opportunity to grow and respond to the needs of this area. It is important to reiterate that this is a crucial year for the College. I expect that our work this year should more substantial than ever before, reflect and promote the King Hintsa TVET College’s values, goals and aspirations, especially our determination to transform the College. I am indeed proud to lead the College and its staff. You are diverse group of leaders, innovators and achievers and I look forward to a great year in 2017. I urge you to ensure that your individual contributions to King Hintsa TVET College are of the highest quality and to inject even greater energy, innovation, commitment and loyalty in your work.

King Hintsa is not immune from the challenges experienced by the sector, as Management and Council we are trying our level best to address those challenges, be mindful that Rome was never built in 3 days. Let us also be thankful to the Almighty that we are amongst those who made it to 2017. May we join hands for the successful, positive, productive and hardworking 2017.

Yours in the Education & Training Sector for Quality Education and Skills Development.